Cap AG(3-OMe)

Cap AG(3-OMe)

CAS No.2089461-55-0
Package Type5mg/Vial,

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Guanosine, 7-methylguanylyloxyphosphinicooxyphosphinico-(5’→5′)-2′-O-methyladenylyl-(3’→5′)-, inner salt Preparation Products And Raw materials.


A1: Yes if it’s listed on Pharmacopopeia, if not, we’ll establish our own standard according to USP/EP/JP/ChP

A2: One standard package during the commercial stage, but a sub-package can be arranged to support your development.

A3: Yes, it can be discussed.

A4: We support T/T, L/C, and DP.

A5: You can receive our reply within 24 hours if your inquiry was sent in working hours.

A6: Yes, we’re able to enlarge the batch size if current batch size couldn’t meet your requirement.